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Students promoting STEM & CS Edu in Philly
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Who we are

We're a group of motivated students who want to affect change in our local community.

Students Helping Students

We work with local schools, both middle and high school, as well as our own Drexel communities to make STEM and CS approachable. Because we are students, we know how other students want to learn and discover.

Making Technology Fun

How tech works can be scary and confusing. We make it fun and approachable for students of all ages!

Creating and Playing

Gaming is huge for kids both young and old. We using gaming as a medium to share this passion of technology and make it approachable.

What we've done

We've worked with a few community partners! Read about some of our projects from news articles below...

Taking Code to the Classroom

Drexel Newsblog

Drexel students are teaching STEM to West Philly middle schoolers

Technical.ly Philly

Student Organization DUCSTeach Recognized for Promotic Public Service and Social Responsibility

CCI News & Events


How did DUCSTeach come to be? Find out below...

  • Sept.

    Our Honorable Beginning

    Dan, founder of DUCSTeach, gets an assignment for Intro to Computer Science, CS 164, that requires him and his fellow honors students to either start their freshman design project of their civic engagement requirement. He chose the latter.

  • Nov.

    The First Partnership

    Dan and a group of freshmen CS majors join forces with St. Francis de Sales to help their school be more technically savvy.

  • Sept.

    Transition to Student Organization

    DUCSTeach finishes the student organization process, becomes an official student organization. Here's our original cabinet:
    President - Dan Ziegler
    Vice President - Alliy Frauenpreis
    Treasurer - Johanna Oberto
    Event Coordinator - Orcel Kounga

  • Spring

    McMichael School Partnerhship Created

    DUCSTeach forms a partnership with the McMichael school for an after-school STEM program.

  • Jan.

    Game Changers

    A partnership with DUCSTeach and the District Attorney of Philadelphia was born. The goal of the Game Changers program was to work with Philadelphia School District to entice at-risk truant youth to stay in school through an after-school program to teach them about techology and how games work.

  • Jun.

    A New Home

    After starting the program back in 2013, the DUCSTeach organization was retired. The program lives on within the College of Computing and Informatics, not by name, but by spirit, through community programs run by the Dean's Ambassadors as well as other staff members. While it's sad to see the program come to a close, it provided a meaningful start to the interest of computers to hundreds of students throughout the years. On behalf of Dan Ziegler and all of the student officers past and present, thank you for your support and to all of the students and partners who made this program possible.